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Digital Marketing | Animated Email Campaign for Mother Trucker & co.

Animated Email Campaign | Digital Marketing | GIF

When something works, it works. I've been doing digital marketing and email campaigns for Mother Trucker & co. for quite some time using MAILCHIMP and we're really narrowing down what's working for them. There are tons of things that we're working on, and there's a ton I could write about regarding my love affair with everything Mailchimp has to offer, but from a design perspective we've really been successful lately with animated email campaigns (gifs). We're noticing the revenue goes up when an animated email is sent out as opposed to a static email (thanks to Mailchimp's amazing analytics and integration features with their online shop). 

Are you using Mailchimp and/or animated email campaigns to market your business? I'm here for ya. Shoot me a message below for pricing.



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