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Clean + Chic Content Designed for Second Skin Overalls/WeWoreWhat

It's only March, but this project made my year...and is continuing very, very soon with a whole new crop of designs to play with. Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat brought me on board to create some social media and digital content for the new Second Skin Overalls VELVET line (which is now pretty much sold out). What resulted was, in my opinion, the best dusty rose modern + clean content of all time. 

Not only did I create branded content to show off the new line, I also curated some 'filler' content to post as, ahem, a filler, in between branded content photos - all with the same inspiration, feel and vibe as the Velvet line. For example...

So, when you mix branded content with filler it looks a little something like this...

Pleasing to the eye, right?

Why would your brand need curated 'filler' content? Shouldn't everything be original content? Well, yes and no. It depends on your brand. If you're looking for a killer overall design and look to your grid, and want to push your brand as more of a lifestyle rather than pushing product, product, product down the throats of your followers - curating is absolutely the way to go. It's a huge time saver (especially for someone like me who runs a one woman show and can barely keep up with the projects I currently have let alone creating my own filler posts). Besides, followers don't want to be sold on something all the time. They want a chance to feel like they can relate to you and all the things you like.

If, however, you're strictly business, only want to show what you do, and don't care about creating a 'lifestyle' with your brand, then curating definitely isn't for you. No biggie...we're all different.

...it still looks cool, though. And, for the record, it works and you still get interactions. I've been posting for another client for a few weeks now, thinking all they would want to see is product from my client and getting mediocre likes and follows. I tapped into the lifestyle and vibe around the city of the company, started posting some 'filler' posts relating to things that company's audience may enjoy doing, and BAM!...more followers and likes in one hour than the entire 2 weeks I had been grinding it out posting product photos....

Instagram is weird sometimes.

If you take a peek at recent posts from @SecondSkinOveralls, you can see they're shifting to a more black and white, badass vibe...which gives you some clues on the NEW line :) More on that when the time comes...