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Oceanside Collab Shoot

These shoots are getting better and better. The more brands that get involved, the better the photos (I had around 15 brands and services at this shoot). You can't go wrong with sunshine, and Oceanside is GORGEOUS. It has such a cool vibe with non-stop crashing waves and a rocky beach, it was perfect for the vibe I was going for. Everyone there was collaborating on product styling and types of shots...we were all so excited to get these photos - it was infectious. We ended up with hundreds of photos, all available for the brands involved to use as they please for content or marketing or anything else their little hearts desire. The photos are already starting to spread, and I LOVE it! Below is a sampling of my fave shots. PS we took over 2000 photos and we aren't even done editing...lots more to come (click the individual photos to see them full-sized)...


Brands Involved:


The April Collab Shoot is coming soon! We're focusing on kids' brands for this one and have a very MAGICAL location confirmed :) Til next time...



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