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Josie B. Website Facelift

 Quick website facelift for  Josie B.

Quick website facelift for Josie B.

Shortly after completing this awesome print suite for Josie B., I was called upon to give her website a little facelift in order to match her new print items. She wanted to continue hosting her shop on Etsy (see it here), so she only needed a basic one-page info site. I love these little bio/branding sites because they're quick to do and you can always make them super fun. I kept the basic framework of the site in tact, but I brought in the same imagery and design elements that I used on her print suite and updated the typography to match her vibe.

You don't always need a complete website overhaul to update your brand. Sometimes all you need is a quick facelift and BAM - completely refreshed feel.