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A Delicate, Graceful + Edgy Mood Board for Tanya B. Boutique

Tanya B. Boutique in Yorba Linda has signed on for a complete brand overhaul and marketing strategy implementation - and I'm SO excited to work with them! High school and college Erica would have freaked out to know that in her future she'd be marketing and doing design work for small indie boutiques (I was a boutique snob back in the day). Crazy to see how things come full circle and see that, somehow, you always end up doing what you're supposed to be doing. 

LOVING this mix of chic elegance and edge in Tanya B.'s project mood board. These boards are a must with about 95% of my projects. They're so necessary to keep the design direction focused and on-track.

Tanya B. is doing a complete rebrand to attract a new clientele, but they've been a staple in Yorba Linda for a long time, so they didn't want to do a complete 180. We kept it classic, elegant and chic as a nod to the traditional clientele with clean lines and classic silhouettes, but modernized it with edgy and unexpected details and textures. I can't wait to see where this goes :)

I'm also super excited about signing them on as a retainer marketing client. I'll be handling email campaigns, social content design, web design and more to get their revamped brand into gear.