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BRANDED // In Travel We Trust

The Project

Rhiannon, from In Travel We Trust, has the most amazing life. She travels, she blogs about it. That's really all that needs to be said. Based in NYC, she has traveled to some amazing spots like Norway, Beijing, Sweden, and India just to name a few. 

 Rhiannon on her trek to TROMSØ

Rhiannon on her trek to TROMSØ

 Rhiannon on her journey to the Taj Mahal

Rhiannon on her journey to the Taj Mahal

Rhiannon already has quite a following, and was looking to freshen up her logo and blog design. There was no need for a complete branding, just a quick logo update and a quick blog redesign to incorporate the new look. After our initial design talks, we were full speed ahead.

The Inspiration: Color Palette + Mood Board

Rhiannon wanted something light, bright, classy and fun. She travels to some of the most colorful and vibrant places in the world so she wanted her new look to reflect that. After presenting around 5 color palettes for her to review, we finally decided on the gorgeous palette below.

Now it was time to bring in some texture and additional inspiration to really nail the vibe. I'm a sucker for metallics, so we went with a grunge-y textured metallic gold. I added this to the color palette then went on the hunt for something trendy but still classic and chic. Rustic wood? No....copper? No we've already got a metallic in there...Black and white marble? YASSSS. 

Once the textures were decided, it was on to photo hunting for the rest of the mood board. Rhiannon wanted some classic travel iconography like a compass, map, suitcase etc... So,  I chose images that conveyed a well-traveled, chic and vibrant feel, and accented everything with some ornate touches, which really helped to pull together the marble and gold with bright color palette. Perfect.

Logo Design

I knew this was going to be a fun process just from the color palette and mood board. I really put my thinking cap on for this one, because I knew the finished product was going to look completely different than anything I'd done before. I presented Rhiannon with a plethora of options, with the goal of having her narrow it down to under 5.

She chose three options to focus on - A, B, and I. Next step was to take these options and add color and texture. I honestly didn't know how she was going to decide on a final design.

This is why I like blogging about the  design process. Many clients initially think the options I give them are the final options, which is definitely NOT the case. The initial black and white options are complete starting points to build off of. Even the color options are usually built out even more, which was the case here.Often times, the end result looks different than the original concept. In the end, Rhiannon decided to focus on the compass design - which was, by far, my favorite from the beginning. She just wanted to build the design out a bit more to make it really pop.

A little map action, rearranging some colors, and the addition of a custom glittering gold arrow to nail down the compass vibe and we were in business. Once that was done I just gave her blog a quick little facelift and reorganization treatment (check it out here) and this project was out the door.

Side note - stay tuned for future amazing collabs between Rhiannon and me. We've got some things planned!

Thank you so much, Rhiannon, for trusting me to rebrand your amazing blog!