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Branded // SP Forensics Investigations & Consulting

The Project

Being a criminal justice minor and also being slightly obsessed with all true crime shows, documentaries, books etc...I was instantly excited about this project from the very first design consult <3 Stacy, the owner, currently works in forensics and was ready to start something on her own. Knowing the design and visuals of a large portion of the industry was very old-school and out-of-date, she recruited me to handle her branding and business card design in an effort to create something stylish, yet professional, that would stand out from the monotony. As soon as she said, "I want something really modern and stylish, but I want to also incorporate blood and fingerprints into it," I knew it was a match made in heaven.

Color Palette + Insipriation

Stacy knew she wanted blood red, turquoise and some sort of UV effect. While we could have just stuck to those colors and called it a day, I knew we had to incorporate some kind of twisted theme in order to stand out and achieve the perfect result. Also, this is a young chick who is starting a forensics investigation company - it had to be bangin'. I knew red and turquoise would look amazing with pastels and rose gold, so I started racking my brain trying to figure out a theme that brought them all together. Then it hit me - Sofia Coppola's Maria Antoinette. PERFECT. Just add a little gore into the mix and we have ourselves Bloody Mary Antoinette (aka your next Halloween costume). 

Not surprisingly, inspiration imagery for this theme is lacking. I had to work my magic to bring everything together, but it turned out perfectly.

Custom Pattern Creation

A custom theme like Bloody Mary Antoinette calls for custom pattern & texture creation. Pale pink/turquoise glitter, pale pink/red blood, pastel watercolor/blood, and pastel watercolor stucco, pastel fingerprints and rose gold glitter to be exact. I incorporated these patterns into the mood board and also brought them into the color logo trials. Stacy honed in on the pale pink/blood and the fingerprint patterns. Winner winner.

Logo Trials

After I presented numerous options in black and white, we focused on a couple designs to incorporate color into. I presented Stacy with multiple color variations for each design option she chose. All had a completely different vibe, but still stayed within the theme. This part of the branding process always takes the longest - so hard to choose! 

In the end we realized this was a professional industry after all, so maybe the fancy out-of-the-box designs might not get the reaction she was hoping for. We stuck with something simple, but still made sure to twist it a bit by incorporating the blood and fingerprint patterns into her chosen design. Also, I amped up the fingerprint pattern by making it more UV like. Love.

Brand Style Guide + Finished Product

We ended up nixing the fingerprint in the logo, and replaced it with a normal "O". Still looks just as effective! I incorporated all her logos, submarks, patterns and other elements into her Brand Style Guide. Done and done.

Print Design - Business Cards

Stacy loved the UV fingerprint pattern, so I incorporated that into the business card design. The back is simple - plain white with her info in purple. All in all, her brand is professional, stylish and effective. 


I still can't get over how everything turned out - love it!