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Introducing RIOT Social Club

I'm really, really excited about this one. Christa, from Salvaged Soul, and I are teaming up on a brand new venture called RIOT Social Club. The premise is simple. We are offering a unique platform for up-and-coming female entrepreneurs and professionals to connect, create, and collaborate with established, inspiring and influential female business owners and IT GIRLS (aka RIOT GIRLS). There are other similar groups, but nothing like this.

Christa and I started working together several months ago when she recruited me to help her completely redesign the Salvaged Soul brand and website. We instantly hit it off and had an amazing working relationship. It was all about collaboration with us, and we knew the more we helped each other the better it would be for both our businesses. We've collaborated on multiple projects since then, and our businesses have grown leaps and bounds. We both see the ultimate value in connecting and collaborating with other business owners, and it wasn't long before we decided that we wanted to foster those relationships for others in a unique way. We had a vision, and we soon realized that there was absolutely nothing like it in this area. So, the idea for RIOT Social Club was born.

RIOT Social Club is all about making connections, but in a fun and relaxed way. I've been to these types of networking events where multiple businesses sign up to learn something from someone who knows something. They are always extremely helpful and I always learn something, but they're usually kind of stuffy, and more times than not I never get the networking and collaboration aspect out of it - which is the most important reason to go to these events. I'm usually sitting at a table with a bunch of girls that I don't really have anything in common with, which makes conversation extremely forced. I needed something a little more chill and not so structured. I needed to meet people in a relaxed environment and have an opportunity to bounce ideas off of others. There are laid back events like that, but they are usually missing the IT GIRL factor. I needed to meet with IT GIRLS and established female business owners and, more importantly, have the opportunity to pick their brain and show them my work...but it needed to be the right opportunity, it needed to 'feel' right. It couldn't be while I was sitting at a round table with 20 other business owners during a Q&A session. It had to be as organic as possible. And this all had to happen while I was having a good time. That, my friends, is RIOT Social Club. 

We meet once a month, in a cool environment, and invite some insanely established and successful gals to come mingle and check out the goods and work of the up-and-comers. It's a win win, really. The established ladies (we call them RIOT GIRLS) are there to offer advice and are looking for opportunities for collaboration. They want to help our attendees create something great, and they want to give them the opportunity to show their talents on a large scale. It's really something not to be missed.

Our first event is already planned and is invite only. We will offer a limited number of tickets to the public starting with our second event. We're keeping these small so attendees get the best possible experience and walk away with some amazing advice and opportunities for their businesses. And, as with any killer event, the gift bags and alcohol will be flowing :) 

Christa and I are so incredibly excited to get these underway. We just want to help other ladies who are in the same position as us, and we know RIOT Social Club is the most amazing way to do it. Cheers xo