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Branded // Pretty Rebels

The Project - Initial Re-branding

Pretty Rebels was in a need of a logo re-do and a complete branding profile. After our initial discussions regarding design, I learned that Britney, the owner, wanted something with pale pink, black, white and gray. She also wanted a gypsy/hippie vibe. I initially created a couple different logos for her just to see what she wanted in terms of type design and other insignia (she was feelinโ€™ the dreamcatcher). I then created 8 additional options that embraced what she liked from the first round of logos โ€“ each one a little different. She finally decided on the perfect mesh of all options, and I love it. For now it's a simple logo design since this is just the initial rebranding. Print design and other insignia are still to come.

Brand Styling & Mock-Up