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Branded // Wünderland & Co.

The lovely, talented and free-spirited Maria Irwin recruited me to help brand her new startup Wünderland & Co, an event planning, set styling and fashion styling company. Side note: She’s probably the craftiest person I know. Seriously her DIYs are amazing.

The Inspiration 

Logos often go through a transformation process, as is the case here. Above is the original hand-drawn logo concept she handed over during our initial design meetings (seriously…amazing). She wanted a vintage Alice In Wonderland vibe, but gave me the freedom to take the concept and run with it. The more edits we went through, the more she gravitated toward a mesh of vintage and modern.

Brand Styling & Execution

Above is the end result – her entire logo portfolio complete with logo variations, social media logos, and insignia. I absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to see it printed and branded on stationary, business cards, stickers, stamps…everything! Next step was a mock-up to see how the logo would look on various items.

This branding mock-up is just a test to see how the different logos and marks look in various formats and on different items. I do these on every branding project – each one with a completely different look and feel. The actual finished product of items branded will most likely change and evolve, but this is a great way to get inspiration and ideas for items that fit within the identity and vibe of Wünderland & Co.

NEXT STEP: We’re currently deciding the final design for all of Maria’s chosen branded items – business cards, stationary, and all the little trinkets that make up a great brand. STAY TUNED :)