Email Marketing | Animated GIF Email for Mother Trucker & co.

email marketing, gif email campaign using mailchimp for mother trucker & co.

Another super cute email campaign for Mother Trucker & co. designed with a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop and distributed via Mailchimp. The ladies at Mother Trucker & co. like to keep everything fun, so I try to make each email colorful, fun, animated and on brand. I always love going back and looking at the analytics after each email has been out for a few days to see what people are clicking on the most and, obviously, how much money was made directly from these emails. This one did great in analytics. 

Design Prompts | SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE

design prompts | smoke | content creation | graphic design

I'm trying to make it a habit to take a little time every day to work on my technical skills, make some original creative content for my own social channels, and design some fun downloadable things for you guys to purchase like invites, art prints, stock photos etc. I find the best way to do this is with creative prompts. Today's prompt was all about the s m o k e. No matter how busy you are, it's always important to work on your craft and improve your skills a bit. When was the last time you took a good two hours to work on something for yourself?? 

Content Creation + Edits | Blanc De Bleu

Creative content creation + photo edit for blanc de bleu - ep designhouse

send me all the bottles.

I like to scour the internet for lust worthy products to use in various edits when I need a creative outlet and a break from client work. It's also a great way to jazz up the portfolio with some fresh content. On a random search for 'baby blue' on Pinterest I came across the gorgeous Blanc de Bleu sparkling wine. Just send me all the bottles. I need them for taste testing purposes.

Digital Marketing | Animated Email Campaign for Mother Trucker & co.

Animated Email Campaign | Digital Marketing | GIF

When something works, it works. I've been doing digital marketing and email campaigns for Mother Trucker & co. for quite some time using MAILCHIMP and we're really narrowing down what's working for them. There are tons of things that we're working on, and there's a ton I could write about regarding my love affair with everything Mailchimp has to offer, but from a design perspective we've really been successful lately with animated email campaigns (gifs). We're noticing the revenue goes up when an animated email is sent out as opposed to a static email (thanks to Mailchimp's amazing analytics and integration features with their online shop). 

Are you using Mailchimp and/or animated email campaigns to market your business? I'm here for ya. Shoot me a message below for pricing.



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