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send me all the bottles.

I like to scour the internet for lust worthy products to use in various edits when I need a creative outlet and a break from client work. It's also a great way to jazz up the portfolio with some fresh content. On a random search for 'baby blue' on Pinterest I came across the gorgeous Blanc de Bleu sparkling wine. Just send me all the bottles. I need them for taste testing purposes.

Digital Marketing | Animated Email Campaign for Mother Trucker & co.

Animated Email Campaign | Digital Marketing | GIF

When something works, it works. I've been doing digital marketing and email campaigns for Mother Trucker & co. for quite some time using MAILCHIMP and we're really narrowing down what's working for them. There are tons of things that we're working on, and there's a ton I could write about regarding my love affair with everything Mailchimp has to offer, but from a design perspective we've really been successful lately with animated email campaigns (gifs). We're noticing the revenue goes up when an animated email is sent out as opposed to a static email (thanks to Mailchimp's amazing analytics and integration features with their online shop). 

Are you using Mailchimp and/or animated email campaigns to market your business? I'm here for ya. Shoot me a message below for pricing.



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Fun Kid's Pool Party Birthday Invitation


The good thing about being a designer is that when I need an invite for my kid's birthday party - I've got it handled and it's always going to be exactly what I want. I'll be honest, I did scour Etsy and other sites looking to purchase something by someone else because I just didn't have the time to devote a full day to design (yes, it would have taken me a full day because I'm very picky when it comes to things like this and it's very hard for me to make final decisions...) but I just couldn't find that perfect one. 

I ended up putting my own skills to use, and I'm so glad I did. I wanted something fun--but not too kiddie-- and modern--but not too adult. I'm pretty happy with the results.

The best part is I FINALLY opened a shop on Etsy, so you can purchase and download the invite (I'll customize after purchase) if you are in the need for a pool party invitation of your own.




FREE DOWNLOAD - #VintageSexistAds Series Vol. 1

#VintageSexistAds Vol. 1 

#vintagesexistads - my new series. all ads featured are actual vintage published ads, but given the EP treatment. people actually spent money promoting these ideals....SMDH. more to come. all art series images are available as free download away! link below.



Product Design: Fun Beach Bags and Cell Phone Case for Mother Trucker ☀️👙

Aside from the most amazing email campaigns ever for Mother Trucker & Co (excuse me while I toot my own horn), I also, on occasion, bust out my product design skills and create some real magic. This most recent project with them is probably my favorite. I worked with them on creating a whole slew of totes, perfect for the beach, as well as the most adorable phone case in the entire world. Please enjoy...

Word is, these babies have been picked up by a rather large and fancy retailer.....which kinda means I have products in this store, too?! Which causes me to internally combust from excitement. More on this later....

Til next time...



Minimalistic, Clean + Chic Creative Content for Second Skin Overalls

Second Skin Overalls Collection #3 is finally here :) And, just like last time, I got the amazing opportunity to design some creative social media content and pull some #InspiredBy images for the release. Danielle Bernstein, owner of SSO and genius behind the helm at weWoreWhat (also listed on Forbes 30 Under 30) gave me free reign - and I love her for that. It's amazing when designer and client are on the same creative vibe. 

Last I heard, the entire collection is nearly sold out. So, I hope you were one of the lucky ones to snatch up a pair (or two). If you didn't, I guess you'll have to settle for some really great graphically designed and curated images courtesy of EP?? See the gallery of my faves below.


Til next time...