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I'm a graphic designer and art director living with my husband, toddler, and very old English Bulldog in Southern California. I went through college expecting to be a fashion lawyer, went to two years of law school, then decided the LAW part of the industry just wasn't for me. I've had every job in the book from managing and booking bands at a recording studio, to working in retail, to honing my skills at an action sports marketing + public relations agency, to doing in-house marketing at a motorcycle trade show, and pretty much everything in between. I noticed the graphic design duties always fell in my lap at every job I've had--then I noticed that I seemed to be pretty good at it. I decided to start freelancing after having my child and only receiving 6 weeks maternity leave (are they serious with that?!). I've been around the motocross industry my entire life. I love it and have multiple clients in that industry, but I started branching out and pursuing the industry I'm passionate about--fashion--when I started EP Designhouse. Two years of law school set me back on my timeline, so I decided to commit myself to learning graphic design on my own. I'm extremely passionate and am constantly perfecting my craft. 

I'm adventurer, an ancient alien + enlightenment theory freak, a harry potter geek, and a music nerd 4 life (love me some Pentatonix). ✌🏻 

Pitch pack available upon request.